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Our motto, “We train dogs and teach people,” isn’t just what we say, it’s what we do.

Tim believes that a trained dog becomes a reliable companion and an educated owner becomes a trusted leader.

We teach you how your dog learns. We teach you to understand and evaluate your dog’s health. We teach you training concepts, techniques and skills.

Applying this knowledge in a variety of locations and situations, we achieve your desired outcome: a mutually beneficial relationship with your dog.


Colorado Canine Consulting provides real life training for your real life.

All of our training is based on the fundamental principles of Learning Theory, which is a scientific explanation of how all learning – human and animal – occurs.

We work through the four stages of learning at the right pace for you and your dog.

Starting with a private consultation, Tim determines what is necessary to achieve the results you want. He will evaluate the owner/dog dynamic and provide a written training program tailored to your dog and your lifestyle and scheduling needs.


Once training begins, Tim helps develop and strengthen the bond of trust among owner, dog and trainer.

Working together, we create desired behaviors and reliable responses to basic commands. We then work on eliminating unwanted behaviors.

When owner and dog are fluent in the basics, we move to more complex commands and expectations.

A process of generalizing develops consistency that can be transferred to diverse situations and environments.

To facilitate effective communication and preserve the bond of trust, Tim emphasizes positive rewards and minimal appropriate, humane corrections.

Dog trainer and two client with two dogs on leashes


Dog trainer and client with dog on leash
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